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Study Construction Management at Missouri State

Construction Management Undergraduate Program

Why study construction management at Missouri State?

  • Our graduates have among the highest average starting salaries of any other major on campus — more than $50,000 annually.
  • As one of the few construction management programs in the country located within a business college, our ACCE accredited program offers a management flavor to prepare you for both technical- and management-oriented careers.
  • Our students typically receive multiple job offers and nearly 100 percent placement upon graduation.
  • Aside from the distinctive hardhat our graduates wear at graduation, our students set themselves apart through required internships, professional affiliations, student competitions and practical know-how that employers love.
  • Our exceptional laboratory facilities provide you with hands-on learning opportunities to develop your technical skills.

Building the skills of a professional constructor

The construction management program is based on nationally recognized academic standards that prepare individuals for the responsibilities of the professional constructor. Course work focuses on developing your ability to manage a construction project through its entirety — from the conceptual development stage through final construction on a timely and economical basis.