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Facility Management Undergraduate Program

Why study facility management at Missouri State?

  • Our facility management program is one of few of its kind in the country, helping meet the demand for professionals who understand the complexities of managing facility functions.
  • Four option areas — health care, hospitality, industrial/production and project management — allow you to better understand the intricacies of building operations in unique industries.
  • Our exceptional laboratory facilities provide you with hands-on learning opportunities to develop your technical skills.
  • You gain hands-on experience and develop desirable job skills by participating in our active student organizations and through a required internship.
  • Our program is grounded in the International Facility Management Association’s approved body of knowledge, which guarantees that your education meets the demands of the facility management job and fulfills industry standards.
  • IFMA estimates the need for 10,000 new facility managers each year. This need will only grow as energy costs increase and buildings become increasingly complex.

From blueprints to “green” jobs

Lecture about energy costs

As energy costs increase and facilities become more complex, the demand for knowledgeable facility managers is on the rise. The facility management program at Missouri State helps meet this demand by developing future facility managers who understand how to control building costs and oversee building systems.

Facility management also allows you to work within an area you love in a non-traditional way. For example, perhaps you love sports but are not a professional athlete. Facility management provides you with the opportunity to work in a sports venue while promoting sustainable building practices at the same time.