Accelerated Master of Science Program

Program Description

Exceptional Missouri State University undergraduate students may apply for preliminary acceptance into the Master of Science in Project Management program in their junior year after admission requirements for the accelerated program have been satisfied. Candidates for this option must be in junior standing and have an overall GPA of 3.00 or higher. If approved, up to 12 credit hours of 600-level or 700-level courses may be designated as “mixed credit” and counted toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Recommended course substitutions

Students with majors in the department of technology and construction management pursuing the accelerated master’s in project management may want to consider substituting the following courses:

  • TCM 701 Project Management instead of TCM 359 Principles of Project Management
  • TCM 651 Cost Analysis for Project Management instead of TCM 551 Cost Analysis for Project Management or TCM 453 Construction Cost Management
  • TCM 645 Project Control Systems instead of TCM 545 Project Control Systems or CIS 201 Computer Applications for Business from the undergraduate elective block
  • 600 or 700-level elective course  for the remaining undergraduate elective