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Interior Design
Undergraduate Program


Why study interior design at Missouri State?

  • You will hone your creative talents and learn the business skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • Internship and networking opportunities abound thanks to well-connected faculty and alumni.
  • Study abroad programs will enhance your global design perspective.
  • You will be introduced to principles and techniques in many specialties, making you a highly marketable designer upon graduation.

Designing your future

Interior designers are the experts who keep our living, working and gathering places convenient, comfortable and beautiful.

Take your passion for beauty, art and the physical environment, and find your place as an interior designer.

Broaden your skill set

This field offers you many career options, ranging from positions in architectural firms to providing freelance services to individuals.

  • Training you in multiple specialties, balancing your needs for expertise in sales, design and restoration.
  • Refining your knowledge of design theory, aesthetics, space planning and environmental design - to help you provide design solutions that are appealing, sophisticated and practical.
  • Preparing you to help individuals and families make the most out of their personal living spaces.

Many graduates begin offering design services in home furnishing stores, for suppliers and dealers, or residential building construction companies. Some interior designers concentrate in specific areas, like designing restaurants or residential baths. Others design interiors for airplanes or plan historic restoration.