Why study interior design at Missouri State?

  • You will refine your creative talents and learn the business skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • Our established faculty and alumni community will provide internship and networking opportunities.
  • You'll have opportunities to enhance your global design perspective through Education Abroad programs .
  • You will be introduced to principles and techniques in many specialties, making you a highly marketable designer upon graduation.

Design your future

Interior designers are the experts who keep our living, working and gathering places convenient, comfortable and beautiful. Our curriculum will help you transform your passion for beauty, art and the physical environment into a career as an interior designer.

Careers and outcomes

Your career options range from working in architectural firms to taking an entrepreneurial route and marketing your own design services. In our program, you'll train for multiple specialties, balancing your needs for expertise in sales, design and restoration. You'll also refine your knowledge of design theory, aesthetics, space planning and environmental design - to help you provide design solutions that are appealing, sophisticated and practical. Many of our graduates offer design services in home furnishing stores, for suppliers and dealers, or residential building construction companies. Some interior designers concentrate in specific areas, like designing restaurants or residential baths. Others design interiors for airplanes or plan historic restoration.

Interior design work

Student Success Statistics

Undergraduate Program Specific Data

As part of the program's requirements for accredition, it must publish reliable information to the public regarding student achievement, including aggregate data addressing attrition and retention, graduation rates, job placement rates, and acceptance into graduate programs.   The next tabs highlight the three most recent acaedmic years of data for these measures.

Program Enrollment

Interior Design Program Headcount (at Census 2 Date)

2023 136
2022 127
2021 113

6-year Graduation Rates

2022 53.6%
2021 61.5%
2020 66.7%

Retention Rates

Year 1 to Year 2 Retention Rates

2023 77.8%
2022 76.5%
2021 57.9%

Year 1 to Year 4 Retention Rates

2023 57.9%
2022 68.8%
2021 87.0%

Job Placement

The graduate job placement rates below reflect the percentage of students at 6 months post graduation.

2023 Available 2nd quarter 2024

Discipline-related Employemnt - 64%

Non-discipline-related Employment- 0%

Gradate Studies - 0%

Unreported - 36%


Discipline-related Employemnt - 52%

Non-discipline-related Employment- 0%

Gradate Studies - 3%

Unreported - 45%