Understanding industry

The industrial management minor provides a survey of the technology and construction management industry. Its flexible class schedules allow you to tailor the minor to your specific interests and career goals. Possible emphasis areas include construction technology, production technology, project management and facility management.

Minor requirements

The 15-hour industrial management minor can be added to a Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. Successful completion of the minor requires the following course work:

Industrial Management

Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science

15 hours from following (course groupings are to indicate possible areas of emphasis):

  1. Construction Technology: TCM 121(3), 122(3), 221(3), 359(3), 454(3).
  2. Production Technology: ENG 321(3); TCM 355(3), 511(3), and one of the following: TCM 110(3), 303(3), 331(3), 354(3), 365(3), 399(3), 499(3), 545(3).
  3. Project Management: TCM 110(3), 359(3), 456(3), 545(3), 551(3).
  4. Facility Management: TCM 121(3), 122(3), 303(3), 313(3), 359(3).