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On-campus information sessions

The process for scheduling, promoting and attending an on-campus information session is outlined below:

  • Contact the department head about your interest in hosting an event and to determine what dates work best.
  • Your information will then be passed along to the Career Center, which will coordinate parking, rooms, food and accommodations for on-campus interviewing.
  • The Career Center and department will advertise the session to all of interested students.

On-campus interviewing

Companies who wish to perform on-campus interviewing may do this with or without an associated information session.

Again, interviewing is coordinated through the Career Center with initial contact made to the department head. The Career Center can forward you résumés for review prior to the on-campus interviews. A number of methods are available for selecting candidates for interviews.

Off-campus recruiting

To post internships, full-time and part-time positions, and review résumés, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Contact the technology and construction management department head and briefly describe position and your company.
  2. Forward a copy of the position announcement to the department head, which will then be sent to the Career Center for posting.
  3. Coordinate with the Career Center about reviewing résumés.
  4. Follow up with the department head about the status of your search.

The department head will act as a point of contact if the employer runs into problems and is not able to find an appropriate candidate. If you have difficulty finding a candidate, the department might be able to “freshen” the search and provide a new batch of applicants.

Often, employers ask for “just send a few good applicants.” Although we would like to be able to accommodate these requests, it is not a practical option.

Contact information

Department of Technology and Construction Management

Phone: 417-836-5121
Fax: 417-836-8556

COB Career Center - Glass Hall 103

  • Marjorie Wieland, COB Coordinator
  • Chalanda Johnson, Administrative Secretary

Phone: 417-836-6861 (1-877-836-JOBS)
Fax: 417-836-5656